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My first sales in Gifhorn in 10.2001
With friends (from left)
S.Derecki, J.Bandurowski, S.Jachymek, M.Cimala, K.Mazurek

Prof. Karwowski from Silesian University in Sosnowiec trying to cut my first expensive meteorite, 130g of Zaklodzie.
There I got idea that I need my own saw and it must be better than this terrible one. Especially the specimen mounting system was totaly unsusable.

Cutting something in my first workshop on first version of Silver Blade. My experimental machine work excelent.
I make on this equipment thousands of slices from chondrites to lunars.

With A.S. Pilski and K.Mazurek selling meteorites during mineral show in Gliwice, Poland.

Ensisheim 2003, not a visitor anymore...

Ensisheim 2004 - not anymore in dark corner of first room like in 2003

Kazimierz Mazurek at my table

My first place where I work with meteorites. Terrible chaos :) hard to belive that now there is my pretty room.
Slice of Dronino on table waiting for etching.

Silver Blade 4 final version. This one is still my primary blade.

Polishing/grinding whell, also work till now in same condition.

Ensisheim 2005 - different concept of a well presented table :)

Ensisheim 17.06.2006

My first hunt for fresh meteorite fall in Norway, week after Moss meteorite hit the ground.
Me and M. Stolarz with owner of the first recovered Moss meteorite and the iron plate with impact marks.

Tucson 2007 - my first and (for now) last visit in USA. In front of ET room with space tank.

Meeting with Ted Bunch.

Greg Hupe, Aziz Habibi and me during Ensisheim 2007

Ensisheim 2008

Ensisheim 2009

Ensisheim 2010

4th Meteorite Picnic 2010 - traditional summer meteorite enthusiasts meeting in my garden.

Soltmany 2011 - first fall after 17 years, first hammer in Poland and I got main mass :)))))

Ensisheim 2011

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