» Munich 2007 


Mohamed Esmail
have as alvays many meteorites. Mars specimens, large Benguerir, Bassikounou and ofcourse new Mali fall.

This is Bassikounou

and this is new fall from Mali

Chladni's Heirs
Martin Altmann and his friend, hmmm... who want to stay anonymous propably

New planetary stuff. From left full slice from new lunar mare basalt from highlands of dark side of the Moon.

Stunning, large full slice of Moon Rock

Ali Hmani
Ali and Mohamed Hmani have many new meteorites to show. As alvays

Stinning large black Millbillillie. I was too excited to even ask for weigh.

3kg Allende, thats what we looking for.

Forgotten meteorite ? Yes , thats Taza alias NWA 859

Pallasovka, pallasite from Russia.

Mohamed Sbai
Mohamed show me his secret method how to catch new fall in desert. Just make himself much more wide !!!!

Big wariety of fresh chondrites and achondrites. As alvays Mohamed have something new. Pretty fresh diogenite, eucrites, large CV3 and more.

large complete Benguerir

bottom is eucrite and on right black CV3 with small red and white chondruls.

Deal !!!! Me and Mr Kazimierz Mazurek.

Best specimen to learn how to regognize new fall from Mali. Brecciated fragments in grey matrix

Mali everywhere but too expensive.

Hans Koser
have as alvays all variety of Campos cooked on 55 different ways

Laaarge Carancas specimen, around 200g or more. But every touch make new Tic-Tac size pieces.

Andreas Green
have large quantity of ...everything. Too many to remember :) Historic stones, large rare irons and different NWA's

Dimitri Kaczalin
What ? Best russian team and only 5 boxes with Sikhote-Alin ? Noo, they have many more treasures under table and in other secret places around.

Karl Moritz
Mike Farmer at Moritz table.

Other Moroccans
tables looks like this or even worse. Several ordinary chondrites in quality not worth to pay 200-400 euro per kilo. Thats the end of NWA flood in Munich.

Friday Party
Yes, cold beer and meteorites, thats what we love.

Party just begin. Kazimierz and Mohamed have fun even they still dont get their food ordered 1 hour ago.

Jum Strope looks like he love Munich beer.

See You soon in Tucson and Ensisheim and in Munich again.

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