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Shandong Province, China
Fell 1997 February 15, 23:23:35 Beijing time (15:23:35 UT)
Ordinary chondrite (H5)

A shower of small stones (>1000 individuals) fell near the Yellow River after a brilliant fireball with smoke and sparks terminated in a loud, resonating explosion. The fall ellipse measured ~10.5 ´ 4.3 km, oriented east-west. The largest recovered piece weighed 2.7 kg, and the total mass is >100 kg. One fragment was reported to have penetrated a roof and landed in a pot on a stove. This meteorite has been widely traded and sold under the unofficial name Heze. Classification and mineralogy (Chen Yonghen and Wang Daode, GIG; Wang Ruitian, HBS; A. Rubin, UCLA;): olivine, Fa19.0–19.2; pyroxene, Fs16.9Wo0.1; plagioclase heterogeneous, An9–33Ab63–84Or3–12; kamacite contains 0.36–0.47 wt% Co; shock stage S2.
Specimen Picture Weight Description Prices

67x40x25 mm

Name : Juancheng
Class : Chondrite H5 S2/W0
Region: Shandong Province, China
Date : Fall: 15.02.1997, 23:23
TKW : +100kg


3.5$/g = 255$

60x41x17 mm

endpiece 3.5$/g = 213$
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