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Northwest Africa 1242
Gillio, Libya
Found 1985

Two fully ablated pieces of a mesosiderite (total known weight ~7 kg) were found near the village of Gillio by unknown oil exploration workers and put into service as bookends for 13 years. Purchased in 1998 by an anonymous dealer. Reports of a strewn field are presently unconfirmed. Classification and mineralogy (T. Bunch and J. Wittke, NAU): type 2A; contains scarce, metal nodules up to 19 mm in diameter; Mg-rich pyroxene overgrowths on Ca-pyroxene clasts; moderate resorption of plagioclase. Orthopyroxene (Fs33Wo3) replaces pigeonite (Fs34Wo8) and exsolved augite (Fs43Wo42); plagioclase (An92); pyrrhotite, chromite (Al2O3 = 8.4 wt%); kamacite, 5.8 wt% Ni; rare taenite (42 wt% Ni), silica and phosphate. Shock stage, S1; weathering grade, W0. Specimens: type specimen, 20.2 g thin section, NAU; main mass is with the anonymous purchaser.
Specimen Picture Weight Description Prices
15.03 g

19x16x7 mm

Name : NWA 1242
Class : Mesosiderite-A2, S1/W0
Region: Gillio, Libya
Date : 1985
TKW : 7kg

Fresh Mesosiderite with large iron nodule and silicate inclusion.
30$/g = SOLD

12x11x1 mm

slice 30$/g = 18$
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