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150x130x80 mm
Name : NWA 2826
Class : Chondrite LL5 S2/W1 Fa22.8 Fs22.1
Region: Erfoud, Marocco
Date : 03.2004
TKW : 2kg
very fresh oriented specimen with black crust and deep regmaglyptes. Interior shows many chondruls, different kind of inclusions and incredible big troilites up to 1cm. Stones are slighty weathered near cracks, from broken sides and around troilites. Officialy paired with NWA2053

107x49x4 mm

full slice 3$/g = 130$

33x37x3 mm

slice 3$/g = 16$

36x39x3 mm

slice 3$/g = 25$
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