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NWA 4233
Northwest Africa
Found 2004
Iron (IAB), Octaedrite (Of)

An iron mass of 444g was bought from a Moroccan dealer during the Hamburg Mineral Fair, Germany, in 2004. The exact find location is not known.

Classification (J. Schlüter, Hamburg), NAA (B. Spettel, Mainz): Composition of the metal is Co 4.82 mg/g, Ni 123 mg/g, Ga 26.8 µg/g, Ge 45.0 µg/g, As 13.5 µg/g, Ir 1.38 µg/g, Au 1.74 µg/g. The type specimen of 21.5 g is curated at the Mineralogical Museum Hamburg, the main mass is with Andreas Gren, Hamburg.
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Name : NWA 4233
Class : Iron IAB
Region: Maroco
Date : 2004
TKW : 444g

Beautifull, bright Thompson pattern with high contrast beetween crystals. Beautifull meteorite.
Last full slices.

55x35x2 mm

full slice 17$/g = 490$

55x35x2 mm

full slice 17$/g = SOLD
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