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Northwest Africa 4967
Find: 2007
Classification: Carbonaceous chondrite (CO3.2)

History and Physical Characteristics:
Two very dark stones that weigh a total of 689 g were purchased in Erfoud in August 2007. Some fusion crust remains, although eolian processes have pitted and polished the stones to a shiny black luster.
Petrography (T. Bunch and J Wittke, NAU):
The interior is also very dark and structure is only recognizable in thin section. Consists of closely packed chondrules, CAIs and AOAs, matrix poor (vol. % = 18). Olivine dominates the matrix together with pyroxenes, FeS, pentlandite, and metal. The stones are moderately weathered with low shock level.
Mineral compositions:
Olivine, Fa2.1 to 63, Cr2O3 in type II PO olivine is 0.08 to 0.40 wt % with a peak at 0.26 wt %; FeO/MnO = 77-129.
Specimen Picture Weight Description Prices

Name : NWA 4967
Class : Carbonaceous Chondrite CO3.2 S2/W1-2
Region: Erfoud, Maroco
Date : 08.2007
TKW : 689g

Complete specimen was put together like puzzles. One of fragments is black from outside, and other two are brown. Propably first one was on surface and two other was found underground.
Meteorite have many very small chondruls. This is difficult to show on photos. Matrix and chondruls have similar, near black color.

41x25x3 mm

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