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Name : NWA 6232
Class : Achondrite, Olivine Diogenite
Region: Erfoud, Maroko
Date : 03.2010
TKW : 600g

Poikilitic texture (olivine chadacrysts within orthopyroxene) and areas of recrystallized olivine. Olivine (Fa27.6-28.3; FeO/MnO = 39.4-43.5), orthopyroxene (Fs23.5-23.6Wo1.6-1.7; 25.4-30.8), chromite and iron sulfide. Some chromite + orthopyroxene symplectitic intergrowths. This very fresh specimen is paired with NWA 5480.
Dr T. Irving

58x52x3 mm

full slice 430$

49x46x3 mm

full slice SOLD
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