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Name : NWA 6725
Class : Chondrite CM2 S2/W1
Region: Erfoud, Marocco
Date : 01.2011
TKW : 32.6g

Small chondrules and mineral fragments are set within a black to dark red-brown matrix. Olivine (Fa0.3-70.0; Cr2O3 in ferroan olivine is ~0.45 wt.%), orthopyroxene (Fs1.1-11.4Wo2.6-1.0), clinopyroxene (Fs1.1-1.7Wo39.2-35.4). The matrix consists mainly of intergrown cronstedtite+tochilinite with pentlandite, kamacite and troilite.
Anthony J. Irving

After classification only 24grams was available.


23x15x mm

Main Mass - endpiece

22x16x3 mm

full slice

19x19x3 mm

full slice

19x16x10 mm

endpiece 321$
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