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Classification: Chondrite L5 S3-4/W0
Time/Place: 02.2015 in Siewierz, Poland
Mass: 2450g

History:The meteorite was owned by a collector, Mr. Witold Kawecki from Siewierz, Poland. Sadly, the owner died in 1995 leaving no information regarding the specimen itself, the date of the find or the names of its original finders. His successors, who found the meteorite in his collection, can say nothing about its history either. However, there is no doubt that the meteorite was owned by Mr. Kawecki for at least several decades prior to his death. The specimen is covered with fresh, dark fusion crust with deep regmaglypts. Numerous shock veins are visible on broken surfaces. Within the regmaglypts can be seen layers of accumulated dust confirming that the meteorite was found many years ago. The well-known meteorite collector, Mr. Kazimierz Mazurek, originally received preliminary information about this meteorite in November 2014. He received a small sample for identification. In January 2015, the granddaughter of Mr. Kawecki, Mrs. Anna Zak, contacted Mr. Marcin Cimala and offered the meteorite for sale.
PhysicalMostly complete piece, covered by black fusion crust.
Petrography:(Lukasz Karwowski, USil)The meteorite contains a few completed and some small fragments of chondrules. The most of the mineral grains are xenomorphic in shape and are represented by: pyroxenes and olivines, which are associated with plagioclase. Ca-rich pyroxene is rare accessory phase. Locally, recrystallized maskelynite in olivine-, olivine-pyroxene- chondrules and pyroxene-bearing chondrules is noted. Opaque minerals are represented by: troilite, metallic phases with visible taenite, kamacite and plessite-like structure (small inclusions of kamacite in taenite). Graines of spinele-chromite was also found. The olivines are characterised by mosaic extinction of light. Mass of the meteorite is cut by numerous shock veins which are filled by metallic phase associated with troilite.
Geochemistry: Olivine mo: 0.00 – 0.141; Fo: 72.68 – 75.63; fa: 24.04 – 25.53; li: 0.00 – 0.12; te: 0.43 – 0.61.; low-Ca pyroxene En: 76.69 – 77.96; Fs: 20.81 – 21.66; Wo: 1.02 – 1.95: high-Ca pyroxene En: 46.18 – 46.36; Fs: 8.00 – 8.11; Wo: 45.31 – 46.36; feldspar Ab: 79.23 – 84.84; Or: 4.46 – 9.26; An: 10.52 – 12.11; kamacite: 4.44 – 5.90%at.Ni; 0.56 – 0.65%at.Co; taenite 26.44 - 37.76% at. Ni, 0.02 - 0.27%at.Co; troilite : Fe: 48.68 – 49.32; S: 50.64 – 51.17; Accesory: chromite, Cl- apatite, merrillite, rare metallic Cu in taenite, kamacite.
Classification:(Lukasz Karwowski, USil) Equilibrated ordinary chondrite (L5), W0, S3/4

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20.15 gram ___ 2000$

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2.97 gram ___ 300$
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