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BILANGA (9.36 gram)

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Classification: Achondrite ,Diogenite
Place/Time: Fell 1999 October 27, 10:30 in Bilanga, Burkina-Faso
Mass: 25kg

After a widely witnessed shower, at least 25 kg of meteorites with fresh black fusion crust were collected, comprising many stones. Pieces are reported to have fallen in the villages of Bilanga-Yanga and Gomponsago (coordinates above apply to the latter). Classi­fication and mineralogy (A. Bischoff, Mün): a diogenitic breccia; Ca-poor pyroxene, Fs19–22, mean Fs20.5; plagioclase, An75–83; Ca-rich pyroxene is rare, one grain has En46.4Fs6.3Wo47.4. Oxygen isotopes (R. Clayton, UChi): ?18O = +3.41‰, ?17O = +1.35‰. Specimens: 7.5 kg, Casper; 4 kg, Heinlein; type specimen, 8 g, Mün; 25 g, NHM; 20 g, TCU; 80 g, Frei; 600 g, SI.

One of the most beautifull diogenites. Look like lunar meteorite. Fresh, shocked by impact fragments of olivine swim in grey-green matrix.