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EL EGLAB 001 (34.65 gram)

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Classification: Mesosiderite S-low / W-low
Place/Time: 2023 in Tindouf, Algeria
Mass: 32.71kg

History: Purchased by a consortium of collectors (including Brian Caress, Robert Ward and Craig Zlimen) in January 2023 from an Algerian dealer.

Petrography: (A. Irving, UWS, and J. Boesenberg, BrownU) Breccia containing relatively large mineral fragments (up to 5 mm) of olivine, orthopyroxene and metal (~60 vol.%, both kamacite with taenite) plus some mafic lithic clasts with intergranular or microgabbroic textures. Minerals in lithic clasts and elsewhere in the matrix of the specimen include pigeonite, anorthite, silica polymorph, chromite, ilmenite, merrillite and troilite.


Part slice, etched, covered with thin paraloid layer