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ERG CHECH 002 (17.10 gram)

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[ Meteoritical Bulletin Database ]


Classification: Achondrite (ungrouped, gabbroic with pyroxene megacrysts, sodic).
Place/Time: 2020 in Adrar area, Algeria
Mass: 31.783kg


Full slice, crazy thin 1.44 mm, patrialy translucent, both side polished, covered with paraloid.
But my preffered preparation will be paraloid coating. Its hard, clear acrylic resin used for preserving archeological artifacts that make microns thin layer on surface protecting it from enviropment and contamination (f.e from fingers). To show You how this slice could look like when Paraloid is applied look at photos below. There is one slice “before and after”. Paraloid will protect Your slice and add much higher contrast and more intense colors to all minerals. I can coat if with Paraloid B44 on Your request.
One of my craziest preparation of all time. But I wanted to offer best prepared slices possible. No similar slices in the future. Preparing them cost 35% (170g) overall cut loses. Fat thousands of euro in ash. But it was worth do it.



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