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HICKMAN (12.74 gram)

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Classification: IAB complex
Place/Time: 2018  in Australia
Mass: 3.55kg

History: Found by a gold prospector in June 2018, 2.5 km SE of Hickman crater. The specimen was sold to a local mineral dealer who brought it to the 2020 Tucson Gem and Mineral show, where it was purchased by Keith and Dana Jenkerson and subsequently sold to Don Hurkot. Other meteorites have reportedly been found in the area.
Physical characteristics: The irregularly shaped mass has a red-brown surface and numerous regmaglypts.
Petrography: (C. Herd and P. Hill, UAb) Petrographic investigation of a 1 × 3 cm polished and etched surface reveals a well-developed Widmanstaetten pattern with kamacite bandwidth 1.1±0.3 mm (n=6), consistent with a medium octahedrite. No inclusions were observed. Terrestrial alteration extends along grain boundaries into the interior.
Geochemistry: ICP-MS data, using sample of North Chile (Filomena) as standard (C. Herd, P. Hill, and S. DuFrane UAb): Ni = 7.7, Co = 0.48 (both wt%); Ir = 2.5, Ga = 64, Ge = 266, As = 16.7, Sb = 0.427, Ru = 4.8, Re = 0.23, Os = 2.2, W = 0.6, Pt = 5.5, Cu = 162 (all μg/g).
Classification: (C. Herd, UAb): IAB iron, medium octahedrite. Most likely belongs to the Main Group, by comparison with Wasson and Kallemeyn (2002).

Hickman crater on Google Maps
Hickman crater discovery

NOTE: Slice protected by PARALOID layer. Do not add oil.