» » Jiddat al Harasis 1095 [L5] (964 gram)

Jiddat al Harasis 1095 [L5] (964 gram)

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[ Meteoritical Bulletin Database ]


Classification: Chondrite L5 S2 / W2
Place/Time: May 2014, Oman
Mass: 990g

This is my original idea and project.
Its not dedicated to typical meteorite collectors but for someone who want to have just one, not soo expensive meteorite with a better history than Morocco NWA XXX chondrtite without any find informations. My idea was to make meteorite + stand combo available as a prize in the competition, birthday gift to Your friend or boss. Someone who will like meteorite but he dont collect them.

First of all I decided to drill core in specimen to get required 20g for classification BUT minimize damage to specimen surface. Cutting typical endpiece to get “type specimen” always remove large and visible part of the specimen. Here is only small 25mm diameter hole deep into 30mm. I know, most of the meteorite collectors will say “OMG he drilled it what a waste” 🙂 But belive me,  its the best way how to make specimen classified and save 99% of its original surface intact. Drilled hole make one more importand function. It hold specimen on aluminium stand. Meteorite and its stand make one item. If You buy meteorite with standard paper CoA card Im pretty sure it can be lost. Here, specimen always will be on its stand where all info was laser engraved. No need extra paper CoAs or bad looking plastic boxes.

Meteorite can be rotated 360 degree and easly removed from the stand. Its also in the same orientation like it was found in Oman.

I chosed 5 of best looking specimens from 2014 hunting trip. Complete, not cracked meteorites with nice surface. Ofcourse with purchase I will send all insitu desert photos.