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JIKHARRA 001 (160 gram)

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Classification: Eucrite Melt Breccia  S-high / W-moderate
Place/Time: 2022  in Libya (29°58’08.2” N 21°52’05.0” E)
Mass: 2,5 ton

History: Numerous fragments reportedly totalling at least 2.5 metric tons, and possibly more that 3 T, were recovered in Northeastern Libya. Fifty kg of it were subsequently purchased by the main mass holder from a meteorite dealer in Libya.
Physical characteristics: Many brownish fragments some of which with small patches of fusion crust.
Petrography: Achondritic melt breccia composed of several cm-sized lithic clasts set in abundant recrystallized shock melt. Lithic clasts consist of calcic plagioclase and aggregates of fine-grained, 30-70 µm sized pigeonite crystals displaying patchy compositional zoning. The melt matrix is composed of recrystallized pigeonite displaying mottled compositional zoning and fine-grained, mostly fibrous feldspar. Minor phases include silica, Ti-chromite, ilmenite, and FeS. No metallic iron has been detected.

NOTE: Super polished full slice. Thickness ~5mm.