» » » El Hassan Ould Hamed 002 (161.6 gram)

El Hassan Ould Hamed 002 (161.6 gram)

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Classification: Chondrite L4 S1 W0
Place/Time: 06 November 2021 in Tiris Zemmour, Mauritania
Mass: 446g + min. 20kg


History: On November 6, 2021, at around 1 pm Saharawi people residing in the refugee camp of Dakhla (about 200 km south of Tindouf, Algeria) heard a strong sonic boom confirmed by many people in the neighboring countries of Mauritania and Western Sahara. A few days later, many meteorite fragments with fresh fusion crust have been recovered by meteorite hunters in northern Mauritania close to the Algerian border (Tindouf province). Mr. Salamu Ali purchased a 446 g fragment and submitted it for classification.

Physical characteristics: Single rock almost completely covered with fresh fusion crust. Cut surfaces reveal a fresh light grayish interior with minor orange halos around shiny metal grains.

Petrography: The meteorite shows a chondritic texture with well-defined, mostly rounded, packed porphyritic and barred chondrules (apparent mean diameter about 0.7 µm) in a fine-grained matrix that contains unaltered sulfides and FeNi metal.