» » » AL ‘AWEINAT 002 (36.30 gram) complete

AL ‘AWEINAT 002 (36.30 gram) complete

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Classification: Iron, IIIAB S-low / W-low
Place/Time: 2023 in Halfa, Sudan
Mass: 12.8kg

(Field number MC224)

Writeup physical: Consists of numerous fragments of a range of sizes, having tan to redbrown, irregular surfaces.

Writeup petrog: (C. Herd, D. Poon Matsune, UAb) Optical investigation of a 3 x 4 cm polished and etched surface reveals a well-developed Widmanstatten pattern consistent with medium octahedrite (0.93±0.15 mm; n=54). No inclusions were noted. No alteration is evident.

Writeup class: (C. Herd, UAb): IIIAB iron, medium octahedrite.