» » » NOVA 068 (22.55 gram) Main Mass

NOVA 068 (22.55 gram) Main Mass

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Classification: Chondrite L5 S2 / W1
Place/Time: 2002 in Burkina Faso
Mass: 60g

History: The meteorite was found by the main mass holder in a parcel send to him from Burkina Faso looking different than the Gao-Guenie fragments contained in the box. The find location is unknown.
Physical characteristics: Single fragment almost completely covered with fusion crust.
Petrography: Ordinary chondrite with abundant recrystallized matrix and several still recognizable chondrules (mean diameter about 700 µm). Opaques phase are troilite, Fe-Ni metal, and chromite. The plagioclase grain size is about 40 µm.

TRUE STORRY by Marcin Cimala 🙂
My notes say that first 1kg of Gao-Guenie I received from Habibata Bamogo 27.09.2002. In this lot I found completly different 60g specimen that didnt look like Gao. It was low magnetic and have clean shiny crust. Its very unlikely that it was found “somewhere else” in Burkina-Faso becouse peoples search only for Gao inside known elipse. Later, purchasking more than 50kg of Gao  during my 15 years cooperation with different sellers I never find anything else. Only Gao and ordinary rocks 🙂 So I dont agree with Met Bull that find location is unknown and cant be confirmed. I submited it as Gao-Guenie (c) but it ended as Nova 068. Anyway this is the whole storry behind this find. It was first classified in Poland, by prof Lukasz Karwowski but submiting was very difficult in old times so it was not finished. Second try was in 2010 when I send samples to NAU to Ted Bunch, but becouse of troubles it was not submited also this time. My last try was this year when I send samples  to prof Ansgar Greshake toogether with prof. Karwowski hand written results. They was good and after Mr Greshake confirmed everything using my new type specimen it was submited to Met Bull. Only 26.21g of material left becouse I submited type specimen triple times. The first samples and thin section was lost during years and prof Karwowski didnt find them now.

Main Mass, full crusted en dpiece