» » » NWA 12184 (Main Mass 26.18 gram)

NWA 12184 (Main Mass 26.18 gram)


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Classification: Chondrite CM2 S1/W-low
Time/Place: 2018 in Algeria
Mass: 220g

Physical characteristics: Almost black individual partly covered with fusion crust.
Petrography: Brecciated carbonaceous chondrite composed of chondrules (mean diameter about 0.3 mm), chondrule pseudomorphs, CAIs, and mineral fragments set into abundant Fe-rich matrix. Many of the components are surrounded by fine-grained dust rims. The fine-grained almost black meteorite matrix consists of abundant Ca-carbonates, sulfides and phyllosilicates.

All slices cut into 2mm thickness to reduce weight and maximize surface area. Under reflective light matrix show many different kind inclusions.

Specimen before cut. Solid, crusted individual