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NWA 13267 (119 gram)

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Classification: Chondrite L6-melt breccia
Place/Time: 2020 in Algeria
Mass: 4150g

History: The meteorite was purchased from a local meteorite dealer in Algeria.
Physical characteristics: Brownish rock without fusion crust.
Petrography: The meteorite is a melt breccia and largely consists of partly recrystallized melt regions with characteristic FeNi metal and sulfide spherules. Unmelted chondritic regions are of type L6 (plagioclase grain size about 70 µm) and contain few relict chondrules; no metal or sulfide veins are observed.

Slice is super mirror polished from one side. Around 3mm thin or less!
No small fragments in melt, no melt rivers just one large fragment and few smaller inside clean melted matrix. Very cool.