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NWA 13278 (8.49 gram)

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Classification: Enstatite achondrite (Aubrite) W-low / S-low
Place/Time: 2019 in Ouargla, Algeria
Mass: 564g

History: Purchased by Zaid Sbitti in November 2019 from a dealer in Ouargla, Algeria.
Petrography: (A. Irving, UWS and P. Carpenter, WUSL) Breccia composed of large clasts of enstatite (with diopside exsolution lamellae) and subordinate forsterite set within a finer grained matrix composed of enstatite, sodic plagioclase, Cr-troilite, niningerite and Si-bearing kamacite.
Geochemistry: Enstatite (Fs0.0-0.1Wo0.9-1.1, N = 2), diopside (Fs0.0-0.1Wo44.4-45.8, N = 2), forsterite (Fa0.0±0.0, N = 2), plagioclase (Ab86.1An0.5Or13.4), kamacite (Ni = 3.0 wt.%, Si = 3.1 wt.%), troilite (Cr = 2.8 wt.%).

NOTE: This is only 14th out of 15 aubrites from NWA and by weight its 3rd biggest from hot desert. This specimen will need also be checked again becouse it is clear that this is melted material so its not Shock-low for sure.