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NWA 13367 (2.00 gram)


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Classification: MARTIAN Peridotitic Shergottite
Place/Time: 2020 in Adrar area, Algeria
Mass: 249g

Physical characteristics: Single stone, fusion crust, saw cuts reveals an ultramafic cumulate rock with ophitic to poikilitic textures with mm-size pale yellow and dark gray grains.

Petrography: (C. Agee, UNM) Microprobe examination shows approximately 50% olivine, 40% pyroxene, and 10-5% maskelynite. Two distinct pyroxene trends are present 1) Mg-rich low calcium pyroxene trending to slightly more Fe-rich pigeonite, 2) Mg-rich augite trending to diopsidic. Ilmenite, spinel, Fe-sulfide, and merrillite are minor ubiquitous phases.

Geochemistry: (C. Agee, UNM) Olivine Fa34.6±2.0, Fe/Mn=49±2, n=10; low Ca-pyroxene Fs22.5±0.5Wo4.7±0.7, Fe/Mn=29±2, n=6; augite Fs17.2±0.9Wo32.4±2.8, Fe/Mn=24±1, n=4; maskelynite An52.9±2.3Ab46.0±2.2Or1.1±0.2, n=4, fusion crust SiO2=46.5±0.6, TiO2=0.9±0.1, Al2O3=8.6±3.5, Cr2O3=0.7±0.1, MgO=18.0±3.5, FeO=15.3±0.5, MnO=0.4±0.1, Na2O=1.4±0.5 (all wt%), n=2.

Classification: Martian peridotitic shergottite. Macroscopic textural appearance similar to NWA 1950 and ALHA77005. Paired with NWA 13250. Specimens: 21g on deposit at UNM, Marcin Cimala holds the main mass.

SLICE THICKNESS 0.9mm ! One side polished.

Slice was cut in half so video is the same, just top part of this slice is for sale.