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NWA 13367 (6.30 gram)

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Classification: Achondrite Martian peridotitic shergottite S-high / W-low
Place/Time: 2020 in Morocco
Mass: 249g

Physical characteristics: Single stone, fusion crust, saw cuts reveals an ultramafic cumulate rock with ophitic to poikilitic textures with mm-size pale yellow and dark gray grains.
Petrography: (C. Agee, UNM) Microprobe examination shows approximately 50% olivine, 40% pyroxene, and 10-5% maskelynite. Two distinct pyroxene trends are present 1) Mg-rich low calcium pyroxene trending to slightly more Fe-rich pigeonite, 2) Mg-rich augite trending to more Ca-rich augite. Ilmenite, spinel, Fe-sulfide, and merrillite are minor ubiquitous phases.
Geochemistry: (C. Agee, UNM) Olivine Fa34.6±2.0, Fe/Mn=49±2, n=10; low Ca-pyroxene Fs22.5±0.5Wo4.7±0.7, Fe/Mn=29±2, n=6; augite Fs17.2±0.9Wo32.4±2.8, Fe/Mn=24±1, n=4; maskelynite An52.9±2.3Ab46.0±2.2Or1.1±0.2, n=4, fusion crust SiO2=46.5±0.6, TiO2=0.9±0.1, Al2O3=8.6±3.5, Cr2O3=0.7±0.1, MgO=18.0±3.5, FeO=15.3±0.5, MnO=0.4±0.1, Na2O=1.4±0.5 (all wt%), n=2.
Classification: Martian peridotitic shergottite. Macroscopic textural appearance similar to NWA 1950 and ALHA77005. Paired with NWA 13250.

Slices finished from one side on powder 600 grid (very fine) and sealed in paraloid.