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NWA 14394 (166 gram)

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[ Meteoritical Bulletin Database ]


Classification: LL6 melt breccia S4 / W1
Time/Place: 2021 in Niger
Mass: 5.63kg

History: The meteorite was purchased from a dealer in Niger.
Physical characteristics: Dark grayish rock without fusion crust.
Petrography: Chondritic melt breccia composed of up to 5 cm sized type LL6 fragments set into abundant black melt rock. LL6 fragments contain some relict chondrules and secondary plagioclase has a grain size of about 70 µm. Shock melt is mostly recrystallized and contains characteristic FeNi metal and sufide spherules and entrained mineral fragments. No metal or sulfide veins are observed.

NOTE: Fantastic new impact melt. When I received slices from one side polishing I send them back next day to prepare from both sides. Its masterpiece, not only material but also polishing job !