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NWA 14678 (12.33 gram)

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Classification: Rumuruti chondrite R3 S2/W-low
Place/Time: 2021 in Mauritania
Mass: 660g

History: The meteorite was purchased from a meteorite dealer in Mauritania.
Physical characteristics: Ten almost black rocks without fusion crust.
Petrography: The meteorite is a breccia composed of up to 2.5 cm mostly angular type 3 clasts set into type 3 matrix. Both litholgies are composed of well defined partly flattened chondrules (apparent mean diameter about 400 µm) and mineral fragments set in abundant matrix dominated by Fe-rich olivine. Some black melt fragments are present. Minor phases are Ca-pyroxene and sodic plagioclase. Opaques are troilite, pentlandite, and Ti-bearing chromite; no metal has been detected.

Full slices was covered with paraloid and then send for polishing. So front side is natural, mirror polished, back side is protected by paraloid. Paraloid is reversible, can be removed.
Slices are only 2mm thin or less.