» » » NWA 14679 (12.70 gram) Main Mass

NWA 14679 (12.70 gram) Main Mass

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Classification: Chondrite CM2 S2 W-moderate
Place/Time: 2005 in Morocco
Mass: 24g

History: The meteorite was purchased from a meteorite dealer in Mauritania.

Physical characteristics: The meteorite displays a brownish interior and is a brecciated carbonaceous chondrite composed of small (apparent mean diameter about 250 μm) chondrules, chondrule pseudomorphs, mineral fragments, and rare CAIs, most surrounded by fine-grained dust rims set into abundant fine-grained matrix. The matrix is Fe-rich and strongly altered. Sulfides are mostly replaced by Fe-oxides and calcite-filled veins are ubiquitous.

Geochemistry: Matrix analyses yield FeO=37.5±0.9 wt% and an average total of 79.0±1.8 wt% (5 µm defocused beam, N=8), the latter indicating the presence of hydrous minerals.

NOTE: I bough it around 2005 as Rumuruti specimen. It was soo small that in fact I was not sure what to do with this piece. Send 20% of mass to clasification or sell it unclassified or eye pairing to any known rumuruti from NWA ? So it was in bag for years. Now Im trying to clean some old stuff so I send the whole 20% from the main mass (5g) to finally get number for it and let it go. But we was surprized (me and Mr Greshake) that this rumuruti turned to be weathered CM2. Whatttttttttt?????????  Well, what a change…
I am usually against buying and classifying a few gram specimens becouse its waste of lab time and multiplication of NWA numbers but becouse it was alredy in my drawer for 8 years I wanted to make it official at last.
I have only three specimens left in total of ~18 grams.