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NWA 14862 (12.49 gram)

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Classification: Rumuruti chondrite R3-6  S1 / W-moderate
Place/Time: 2022  in Morocco
Mass: 430g

History: The meteorite was purchased from a meteorite dealer in Morocco.
Physical characteristics: Brownish rock without fusion crust.
Petrography: The meteorite displays a light brownish to orange interior and is composed of up to 2 cm sized mostly angular type 6 and black impact melt clasts in type 3 matrix. Fe-rich olivine, Ca-pyroxene, and sodic plagioclase are the most dominant mineral phase in the type 6 clasts. In the matrix, olivine and low-Ca pyroxene are compositionally unequilibrated and chondrules have an average diameter of about 400 μm. Sodic plagioclase occurs as small isolated grains. Opaques phases are sulfides and Ti-bearing chromite; no metal detected.

NOTE: Polished both side, super flat surface, sharp edges. You will not find better prepared slices…guaranteed or money return 🙂