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NWA 15926 (19.78 gram)

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Classification: IID
Place/Time: 2017  in Algeria
Mass: 900g

Physical characteristics: Consists of a single, irregular mass with a dark brown and reddish dimpled exterior.
Petrography: (C. Herd, UAb) Optical investigation of several cm-scale polished and etched surfaces reveals a well-developed Widmanstatten pattern consistent with medium octahedrite (0.9±0.2 mm; n=64). A few small troilite inclusions were noted. No alteration is evident.
Geochemistry: ICP-MS data, using sample of North Chile (Filomena) as standard (C. Herd and S. DuFrane, UAb): Ni = 8.4, Co = 0.662 (both wt%); Ir = 14, Ga = 77, Ge = 92, As = 7.3, Ru = 14, Pd = 0.81, Re = 1.4, W = 2.8, Pt = 19, Cu = 233, Au = 0.85 (all µg/g).
Classification: ((C. Herd, UAb): IID iron. Ni is low due to analytical sample size relative to the bulk. Consistent with IID iron based on element-Au plots for Ge, Ga, Co, Cu, As, Pt, W and Ir, by comparison with Wasson and Huber (2006).

NOTE: This is ONLY 30th meteorite with this classification.
Slice protected by PARALOID layer. Do not add oil.