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NWA 16056 (18.89 gram)

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Classification: Achondrite Unbrecciated Eucrite W-low / S-low
Place/Time: 2023 in Algeria
Mass: 12kg

History: The meteorite was purchased from a meteorite dealer in Algeria.
Physical characteristics: Light grayish rock partly covered with fusion crust.
Petrography: Unbrecciated eucrite showing a thoroughly recrystallized equigranular texture of predominantly low-Ca pyroxene, Ca-pyroxene, and calcic plagioclase grains often meeting at 120 degree grain boundaries. Low-Ca pyroxenes contain fine augite exsolution lamellae and vice versa. Minor phases include silica, chromite, ilmenite, FeS, and Ni-free metal.
Geochemistry: low-Ca pyroxene: Fs57.8±0.1Wo5.0±0.1 (Fs57.7-57.9Wo4.8-5.1, FeO/MnO=28-30, n=5); Ca-pyroxene: Fs29.5±0.2Wo40.5±0.2 (Fs29.2-29.7Wo40.4-40.7, FeO/MnO=27-30, n=5); calcic plagioclase: An88.6±0.3 (An88.1-89.0, n=5)

NOTE: Both side polished slice