» » » NWA 16548 (299.50 gram) polished main mass

NWA 16548 (299.50 gram) polished main mass

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Classification: Achondrite, Diogenite, melt breccia S-high / W-low
Place/Time: 2023 in Libya
Mass: 1181g

History: The meteorite was purchased from a dealer in Libya.
Physical characteristics: Light grayish-cream coloured fragment partly covered with fusion crust.
Petrography: Achondritic melt breccia composed of cm-sized strongly fragmented bulk rock regions separated by abundant finely recrystallized black shock melt veins and pockets. Major silicate phases are low-Ca pyroxene often containing silica-chromite symplectites and subordinate Ca-rich plagioclase. Mineral fragments in contact with the shock melt frequently show resorption textures. Minor phases include silica, chromite, and troilite. No metal detected.

Its 10th Diogenite, melt breccia from NWA area.