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NWA 5206 (5.38 gram)

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Classification: Chondrite LL3.05, S2/W3
Place/Time: 10.2007 in Morocco
Mass: 1276g

History and physical characteristics:A 1276g desert-weathered, brownish stone was purchased in Erfoud, Morocco in October 2007.
Petrography (J. Wittke and T. Bunch, NAU):Contains a magnificent collection of closely packed, pristine chondrules. All varieties of chondrules are represented with Type I (FeO – poor) dominant over Type II (FeO-rich) by a ratio of 3:1. The abundance of chondrule textural types are PP > PO > POP > GOP > RP > C > R > BO with several heavily mantled and unique types. SEM imagery and x-ray mapping show no evidence of devitrification in chondrule mesostasis, mostly homogeneous mesostasis, and alkali-poor mesostasis compositions. Weathering grade is W3 with minor iron staining in thin section.
Mineral compositions: Cr2O3 content in olivine is consistent wit a classification of < subtype 3.1. Until high quality analyses are performed on chondrule mesostasis for K and Na contents and distributions, a 3.0 subtype is not warranted at this time.
The only types LL3.05 classified up to date: QUE 97008, MET 00526, EET 90161, NWA 5206