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NWA 5549 (26.96 gram)

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Classification: Iron, IAB-MG
Place/Time: 2008  in Sahara
Mass: >12kg

PetrographyUCLA samples from two masses; in these and in web photos, silicates are common. We examined two sides of a slice with total area 25 cm2. Silicate abundance ~15 vol%, troilite ~1.5 vol%. Kamacite lengths only ~1.5x widths, making width determination uncertain; best estimate 1.6±0.3 mm. Neumann lines abundant. Some silicates contain abundant small metal grains. A few large (3×4 mm) kamacite lamellae with incompletely resorbed taenite.

Each iron slice/endpiece is covered (protected) by a thin layer of Paraloid B44. DO NOT ADD OIL to the specimen surface. You can put it in a dry place or add silica gel to the storage box, but it is not necessary. Samples were bathed in sodium hydroxide solution to neutralize acids, and paraloid cut off oxygen and moisture.