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NWA 5549 (29.08 gram)

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Classification: Iron, IAB-MG
Place/Time: 2008  in Sahara
Mass: >12kg

PetrographyUCLA samples from two masses; in these and in web photos, silicates are common. We examined two sides of a slice with total area 25 cm2. Silicate abundance ~15 vol%, troilite ~1.5 vol%. Kamacite lengths only ~1.5x widths, making width determination uncertain; best estimate 1.6±0.3 mm. Neumann lines abundant. Some silicates contain abundant small metal grains. A few large (3×4 mm) kamacite lamellae with incompletely resorbed taenite.

NOTE: Etched slices covered with Paraloid for protection
Each slice have reheated and recrystalized rim
On few slices I have seen small dark green crystals