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NWA 6256 (15.15 gram)

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Classification: Mesosiderite    S-low W-high
Place/Time: 01.2009 in Morocco
Mass: 500g

Physical characteristics: Many small brownish individuals totalling 500 g.

Petrography: The silicate portion (about 60 vol%) of the meteorite dominantly consists of magmatically zoned up to 1.5 mm sized low-Ca pyroxene and less abundant olivine, Ca-pyroxene and calcic plagioclase. Minor phases include silica, chromite and merrillite. The metal portion has been completely altered to iron oxides and hydroxides.

Geochemistry: olivine: Fa41.4±0.3 (Fa41.1-42.0, n=11, FeO/MnO=45-50); low-Ca pyroxene: Fs26.6±6.5Wo3.3±1.1 (Fs15.7-41.1Wo0.7-5.0, n=41, FeO/MnO=27-38); Ca-pyroxene: Fs43.8±2.4Wo8.7±1.3 (Fs39.1-46.8Wo6.8-11.4, n=10, FeO/MnO=24-27); calcic plagioclase: An87.7±0.5 (An87.1-88.8, n=15)