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NWA 6694 (115 gram)

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Classification: Achondrite (polymict eucrite) S4 W1
Place/Time: 2011 in Morocco
Mass: 5kg

Petrography: Contains conspicuous dark, angular, fine-grained clasts up to 3 cm across. Its constituent grains within both the groundmass and the dark clasts are finely granulated. In the groundmass, outlines of former relatively coarse crystals are typically still discernible.

Geochemistry: Low-Ca pyroxenes FeO/MnO = 29, n = 8. Plagioclase An87-92, n = 8. Within the groundmass, the low-Ca pyroxenes mostly have Mg clustered at 50-51 mol% (5 of 6 analyses; the other has Mg of 44 mol%), but in one of the large dark clasts the low-Ca pyroxenes (2 analyses) have Mg of 57-58 mol%

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