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NWA 6726 (400 gram)

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Classification:Chondrite CO3.2 S2/W1
Time/Place: 01.2011 in Erfoud, Morocco
Mass: 1836g

Small chondrules are set within a clear, relatively unaltered matrix. Olivine (Fa0.5-39.1; Cr2O3 in ferroan olivine = 0.10-0.35 wt.%), orthopyroxene (Fs3.1-9.1Wo1.1-2.8), clinopyroxene (Fs1.1-2.8Wo37.3-38.6), taenite, troilite and rare kamacite. Anthony J. Irving

Main Mass from my collection with wood stand. It was repolished so now its 400g