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NWA 6903 (24.80 gram)

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Classification: Iron IIIAB
Time/Place: 2008 in Khouribga, Morocco.
Mass: 50kg

History: Purchased near side of road near Khouribga, Morocco.
Physical characteristics: Heavy weathering around the perimeter and along a crack; near one edge oxidation penetrates about 1 cm into the interior, with kamacite largely replaced by oxides in fields of fine plessite.
Petrography: (J.T. Wasson, UCLA): Medium octahedrite, band-width 1.2 mm. Schreibersite is present in the interiors of larger kamacite bands; a typical size is 2 × 0.3 mm. No FeS was observed.
Geochemistry: Compositional data: Co 5.2 mg/g; Ni 84 mg/g; Ga 21.5 μg/g; Ge <50 μg/g; As 8.8 μg/g; Ir 0.22 μg/g; Au 1.09 μg/g. Data are the mean of duplicate determinations.
Classification: The meteorite is a member of IIIAB. Its composition is near the center of this largest group of irons. There is no compositional evidence of pairing. If compared to IIIABs with Au compositions between 1.04 and 1.14 mg/g there is only one other irons with Ir contents within

Explanation. I was selling this meterial before as NWA6565. But during classification Dr John Wasson found that NWA6565 and NWA6903 have very similar composition and same TKW 50kg. So the conclusion was that both meteorites are in fact the same stone submited twice. So NWA6565 stay provinsional and correct name for this material is NWA6903.

Each iron slice/endpiece is covered (protected) by a thin layer of Paraloid B44. DO NOT ADD OIL to the specimen surface. You can put it in a dry place or add silica gel to the storage box, but it is not necessary. Samples were bathed in sodium hydroxide solution to neutralize acids, and paraloid cut off oxygen and moisture. If needed, The paraloid is easily removed in acetone with no negative effects on iron.