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NWA 7854 (8.86 gram)

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Classification: Polymict Eucrite  S-mod / W-mod
Time/Place: 2013 in Erfoud, Morocco
Mass: 2640 gram

Petrography: The light grayish rock consists of basaltic and melt-clasts set into a fine-grained clastic matrix dominated by calcic plagioclase and exsolved pyroxene. Accessories include SiO2, chromite, and troilite. Contains 2 to 3 vol% diogenitic material.

Geochemistry: low-Ca px: Fs35.5-47.9Wo1.3-4; FeO/MnO=28-32; Ca-px: Fs18-32.2Wo24-44.7; FeO/MnO=25-31; clacic plagioclase: An85.3-92.2.



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