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NWA 8321 (19.07 gram)

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Classification: Diogenite S-moderate / W-low
Place/Time: December 2013 in Zagora, Morocco
Mass: 317g

Physical characteristics: The meteorite is partly covered by black fusion crust and shows a light yellowish interior.
Petrography: The achondrite displays a cumulate texture of dominantly large orthopyroxene crystals with less abundant calcic plagioclase. Accessory minerals include chromite and troilite.
Geochemistry: low-Ca pyroxene: Fs21.3±0.6Wo3.2±1.2 (range Fs20.2-22-2Wo1.7-5.1, n=14), FeO/MnO: 25-29; clacic plagioclase: An88±0.9 (range An86.6-89.5, n=15)


Fresh diogenite with shock veins, amazing thick 1mm crust,