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NWA 8372 (13.87 gram)

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Classification: HED achondrite (Eucrite)
Time/Place: 02.2014 in Erfoud, Morocco
Mass: 230 gram

Petrography: (A. Greshake, MNB): The meteorite shows an overall grayish interior with up to 2-cm sized, often more brownish colored, fragments. It is composed of various basaltic lithologies with different textures and grain sizes embedded in a fine-grained clastic matrix. Dominant mineral phases are low-Ca pyroxene, Ca-pyroxene, and calcic feldspar; pyroxenes are often exsolved. Minor phases include chromite and SiO2 polymorphs.

Geochemistry: Low-Ca pyroxene: Fs41.6±9.6Wo5.3±1.2 (range Fs29.4-54.6Wo1.8-7.4, n=22), FeO/MnO=26-37; Ca-pyroxene: Fs36.2±6.5Wo37.9±1.9 (range Fs29.1-47Wo32.2-41.7, n=18), FeO/MnO=30-34; calcic plagioclase: An90.3±3.8 (range An81.3-93.7, n=20)