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NWA 8442 (48.30 gram)

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Classification:  Iron  (IIIAB)
Place/Time: 2012 in Morocco
Mass: 2231g

Petrography: The examined polished surface has an area of about 15 cm2; an additional 30 cm2 is sawed surface with features >0.4 mm across visible. Meteorite is moderately weathered with oxidation revealing the kamacite bandwidth to be about 1.2±0.2 mm, similar to the highest in IIIAB. On the polished surface no inclusions >0.1 mm in maximum dimensions were observed; in the remaining 30 cm2 no inclusions >0.4 mm were observed.

Geochemistry: Composition: Co, 5.02 mg/g; Ni, 79.8 mg/g; Ga, 20.4 μg/g; Ge, <54 μg/g; As, 5.29 μg/g; Ir, 2.82 μg/g; and Au, 0.707 μg/g. All elements plot within IIIAB fields.

Classification: There are no known close NWA relatives; the nearest are the “Tata” irons (NWA 1430, etc.) The composition is similar to al-Ghanim (iron) and unresolvable from that of Rowton.