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NWA 8741 (340 gram)

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[ Meteoritical Bulletin Database ]


Classification: Mesosiderite-A4. Minimal weathering.
Place/Time: 2014 in Morocco
Mass: 22.3kg

History: A single stone was purchased by anonymous dealer from nomads.
Physical characteristics: The 22.3 kg stone has isometric shape. A surface is dark brown. Fusion crust is not preserved.
Petrography: The meteorite is composed of (vol%) silicate matrix (71.8) and metal (28.2). The silicate matrix is medium-grained rock of poikilo-ophitic texture. The rock composes of anhedral and subhedral grains of pyroxene (34.9) surrounded by anhedral and subhedral grains of feldspar (38.5), pyroxene, metal (8.7) and prismatic needles of silica phase (17.9). Larger pyroxene grains poikilitically enclose the grains of all other phases. Minor phases are troilite, schreibersite, chromite, ilmenite and phosphate. The meteorite contains minor large xenocrysts of pyroxene, xenoliths of pyroxenites, metal nodules and rare metal veins connecting the large metal grains.


OK I made it after 10 years! I was affraid of etching this slice (I have another in collection) becouse what if something went wrong? What if etch ends up ugly, with stains or I will need to polish it again and etch second time ? Its soo thin and perfect that I was affraid to touch it. But while I mastered my etching and Im 100% sure now what Im doing I decided to try.  And Im super happy. Also paraloid work here much better than any varnish. Just compare old photos and new one. And it lost 7 grams, varnish and etched iron weight that much?  Hmmm 🙂

Slice comes with wood-plexi stand but on request I can add dedicated black steel stand (my custom stands are available in other section)