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NWA DUNITE (5.74 gram)

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Classification: Ungrouped achondrite, dunite breccia
Time/Place: 2022 in Morocco
Mass: 1000g

Physical characteristics: Single stone with patches of black fusion crust. The exposed interior is a fragmental breccia with coarse light-green to cream-colored grains. Scattered oxidized metal grains are visible throughout.
Petrography: (A. Ross and C. Agee, UNM) Reflected light microscopy images give the approximate modal abundances: 80% olivine, 15% pyroxene, 1-2% troilite, with minor chromite, taenite, kamacite, silica, and schreibersite. No plagioclase detected.
Geochemistry: (A. Ross, UNM) Olivine Fa22.2±20.1, range Fa5.0-Fa81.8, Fe/Mn=44±7, n=13; low-Ca pyroxene Fs27.4±19.0Wo4.4±2.4, Fe/Mn=29±3, n=7; augite Fs7.9Wo42.9, Fe/Mn=17, n=1.
Classification: Ungrouped achondrite, peridotite breccia. Similar to NWA 14993, NWA 12217, possibly paired with NWA 12562NWA 12319, and NWA 13954.

Some explanations:
There are at least 5 other NWA classifications right now and other submited to Met Bull, including Mark Lyon material. I plan to submit samples this week and it will be paired to specimens listed above.
Slices was cut very thin to ~3mm and one side polished what is tricky to do becouse this material is extremely soft, like diogenites or eucrites. Polishing requires a special technique. All slices have crust (ok few fragments dont have 🙂
I will sell it with nickname “NWA              Dunite” with space for correct number that You can write Yourself on my label or I will exchange label to new one.