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Silver Blade 7 – professional saw for cutting meteorites.
This tool is designed for precision cutting of meteorites. Build and used by me for more than 14 years from version 1.

Silver Blade 7 features:
– very easy cutting all types of material
– very small cut loses (~15%)
– big accuracy in cuting (0.05 mm)
– possible to use all types of blades up to 25cm diameter
– easy specimen mounting
– use low cost diamond blades
– compact and easy to use

Specimen mounting:
In Silver Blade VII meteorite specimen is mounted on movable platform placed on Proxxon KT-70 X-Y compound table. Specimen can be moved in 2 dimensions all the time, also when meteorite is cut. This table is used to set thickness of slices, becouse in X-axis it move under blade. In Y-axis table move parallel to the blade. Finally platform moves in Z-axis (up-down) and there You push with Your hands specimen up under blade and cut it.
Meteorite is glued to small iron plate with hot plastic glue that You can buy in every Castorama or Leroy-Merlin. This is very fast and precize way to mount specimens with irregular shape.

Cooling system:
Siver Blade VII using closed circulation of coolant. You can use water or other coolants. Coolant is moved by small pump, through pipes directly to place of cutting. You do not need to worry that coolant will be finish in half of cutting process. You can use the same coolant for hours or days. Every broken meteorite particles and dust flow down to pump container, stay there and can be removed or colected later without lose it.

Silver Blade 7 parameters:
– weight: 36kg
– size: 47x44x45cm (XYZ) body
– 2800rpm engine, 0.55kW power (230V or 110V)
– 250 litres per hour coolant pump
– full metal body, powder coated paint
– 10pcs of 15cm x 0.3mm blades included
– one pistol for hot glue and 1kg glue included


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