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Profesional cutting service of stone meteorites.

Cutting area:                   30x30cm
Diamond wire thickness: 0.35mm or 0.12mm 
Cutting accuracy:            +/-0.05mm

5 EURO per 1cm of cutting (price include diamond wire cost).

I dont charge any other costs.
You can also pay me with material. Every cut job will be individualy disscused.
I can offer slices finish with flatlap grinding with mirror polishing. This will be individualy priced depends of material type and quantity.

Cutting statistics:

TASSÉDET 004 [H5-impact melt]

Weight:              708 gram
Cut thickness:   3.5mm (13 cuts, 0.35mm wire)
After cut:            653 gram
Cut loses:          8% (55 gram)
After polishing:  632 gram (one side preparation)
Polishing loses: 3% (21 gram)
Total loses:       11% (76 gram)
Loses per slice: 5.8 gram (slice weight average 24-35 gram)