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WireSaw cutting service

250 $

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[ Meteoritical Bulletin Database ]


Diamond wires thickness:

I own wires 0.12mm, 0.26mm and 0.35mm but near all stones I cut using 0.35mm wire becouse its strongest and lasts longer.

Cutting area:

Currently I can cut 30x30x20cm


220* EURO or 250 USD for every 1 kg that will be sliced whole, leaving only two small endpieces. (diamond wire is included)
(*) This does not apply to ureilites and iron meteorites. The price depends on the specific specimen, mainly its weight.

If you want to cut only endpiece or a few slices and leave the rest, I will ask 5 EURO for each 1cm of surface.
So if meteorite is 10 cm in diameter, it will cost 50 EURO per slice.

Grinding and polishing:

I can prepare specimens after cutting.
Grinding on flat laps to remove wire saw marks from surfaces, polishing, adding protective paraloid layers.
Everything, so You receive slices ready for sale or display.
25 EURO/hour

I don’t charge any other hidden costs.
You can also pay me with the material.
Everything will be priced individually depending on the type and amount of material.