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DIAMOND WIRESAW cutting service

300 $

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[ Meteoritical Bulletin Database ]


Cutting prices:
You pay for every 1 kg of material that will be sliced. 
300 $/kg for chondrites and achondrites
600 $/kg for irons, pallasites, mesosiderites
Diamond wire included.
So if You send me 2kg chondrite to cut, it will cost $600.

Diamond wires thickness:
I use 0.35mm wire for all my stones. Its strongest and lasts longer.
For some very rate specimens I can use 0.12mm wire.

Cutting area:
I can cut 30x30cm

Grinding and polishing:
I can prepare specimens after cutting.
Grinding on flat laps to remove wiresaw marks from surfaces, polishing, adding protective paraloid layers.
Everything, so You receive slices ready for sale or display.
300 $/kilo