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[ Meteoritical Bulletin Database ]


Classification: Iron IIIAB
Time/Place: 1991 in Altay territory, Slavgorod region, Yarov, Russia
Mass: 10.7kg

History: The meteorite was found in May 1991 during the plowing of virgin soil land on the outskirts of Yarovoye town. Maximum depth of plowing was 40 cm.
Physical characteristics: Meteorite consists of single mass of 10.7 kg. The meteorite has a crescent shape and regmaglypted surface with reddish-brown color. Fusion crust is absent.
Petrography: (C. A. Lorenz, Vernad) the meteorite consists of metal FeNi (taenite and kamacite) with accessory schreibersite. The Widmanstaetten pattern is mostly uniform with kamacite bandwidth 0.2 – 1 mm (fine octahedrite).